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Laura Worth, MSW co-founded LifeSenseTechnologies, LLC in 2011.  Laura is a seasoned entrepreneur in developing health care technologies companies as well as an inspirational Life Coach, skilled in group facilitation and motivation. 

Laura is also a Web publisher and Web designer, inventor, and musician .

A +30-year veteran of entrepreneurial business ventures. Co-founder and Vice President of six health care and community development organizations.  20 years as a Life Coach, founding Worth Coaching Services where she works with groups and individuals from many walks of life.  Professional education in psychotherapy and counseling, group facilitation, and educating. 



LifeSense Technologies, LLC
Co-founder and Vice President
2011 - Present

Co-founded LifeSense Technologies, LLC.  Co-invented the company's proprietary ENSEMBLE nutraceutical product line (patent pending) and AromaChill  system.  Manages administrative functions, accounting, legal, marketing, product usability, and testing protocols for the company. 

Co-founded and co-authored The CMAP Project for better cannabis science and education at, sponsored by LifeSense Technologies.


Advanced Medical Technologies, Inc..-.Somnus Corporation 
Advanced Input Products, LLC.-.LifeSense, LLC 
Founder and Vice President
1980 - 2004

Co-founded four privately held and financed companies engaged in research and development of proprietary healthcare and ergonomic-related technologies, tools for public health education, and corporate employee wellness programs.  Served on their Boards and as Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Administration, Secretary (officer).  Aggregate fiduciary responsibility for corporate budgets totaling $3.7 million.



LifeSense Institute
Vice President
2006 - Present

Co-founded LifeSense Institute, a nonprofit corporation to sponsor humanist projects dedicated to improving quality of life. These projects include the Vashon Energy Project initiated in 2006 and educational support for BuildingCircles Organization initiated in 2005.

BuildingCircles Organization 
2005 - Present

Co-founded BuildingCircles Organization to build affordable and sustainable nature-integrated homes for independent living.



Worth Coaching Services
Sole Proprietor
Life and Business Coach, Group Facilitator, Teacher, Author

Guides clients in clarifying personal direction and values, decision-making, and creating life balance and focus.  Assists in goals identification and planning, motivation and procrastination management, time management, and other strategies for improved quality of life.  Specializes in coaching clients at life's transition points. 

Founded Worth Coaching Services to help pioneer the introduction of life and business coaching to the public in 1995.   Responsible for WCS's strategic planning, marketing; advertising and public relations; sales; content, methods, curriculum and proprietary materials development; business and financial planning, legal and accounting functions.   Authors and publishes coaching e-newsletter and syndicated newspaper column, The Coaching Minute .  

Currently specializing in coaching seniors of all ages who are looking for new paths forward.


Worth Wellness Publications (Web Publisher)
Sole Proprietor
2007 - Present

Specializing in web-based, health and wellness directories for local neighborhoods and small communities. Extensive contact with health and wellness practitioners in supporting their marketing outreach.



Laura Worth Web Designs
Sole Proprietor
1998 - Present

Specializing in easy-to-navigate sites for artists, small business, solo professionals, and nonprofits (Laura Worth Web Designs). 


SeaDrift Media Productions
Associate Producer

Co-founded SeaDrift Media Productions, an independent media production company to produce and market her music.



Masters in Social Work
MSW from San Francisco State University (1983).  Training for clinical social work with special preparation for counseling clients suffering from chronic medical illness.

B.A. (sociology) from San Francisco State University (1972).

Psychosocial Research 
In-depth interviews with patients suffering from chronic illness (ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease); sole responsibility for design and execution of this exploratory ethnomethodology.  Culminating project in lieu of thesis for Master in Social Work (MSW). 

Internships as Clinical Psychotherapist and Counselor

East Bay Transitional Services
Therapist, Supervised MSW Internship 

Residential treatment center for adults and older adolescents with severe psychiatric disorders.

Family Service Agency of San Mateo County
Therapist, Supervised MSW Internship 

Crisis and long-term psychotherapy using individual, couple,  family, and group modalities.



Selected Inventions
SafeWatch™ cardiorespiratory alert system (co-inventor)
SleepLine™ sleep information audiotext program (co-inventor)

Patent (issued)
U.S. Patent No. 5,348,008 (issued September 20, 1994)
“Cardiorespiratory Alert System” (co-inventor)

Patents (applied)
"Method and Apparatus to Enable Inhalation of Air of Varied Temperature with or without Aromatic Conditioning" (co-inventor)

"Apparatus to Enable Alternating and/or Simultaneous Nasal and Oral Inhalation of Phytochemicals" (co-inventor)

"Method and Apparatus to Extract and Deliver an Optimal Herbal Compound" (coinventor) -  the ENSEMBLE Precision Cannabis™ nutraceutical-based system to manage insomnia and potentially slow the progression of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.

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