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LifeSense Technologies, LLC is developing proprietary, precision, nutraceutical-based systems to support wellness and well being.

Our organizational strength includes leading edge, proprietary approaches to technical and scientific challenges supported by our commitment to improving health and wellness with integrity.

  • The ENSEMBLE Precision Nutraceutical System 

  • The ENSEMBLE Precision system is a proprietary, nutraceutical-based system (patent pending) to help manage insomnia. Managing insomnia in a way that promotes healthy sleep also holds the potential for slowing the progression of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.  Expanding on recent progress across a variety of medical and technical disciplines, we are developing novel self-care products for license to a variety of market leaders with opportunities in both over-the-counter and prescription markets. 


  • The CMAP Project 

  • The company also sponsors The CMAP Project, developed by founders Robert Bornn and Laura Worth, an initiative for better cannabis science and education. It provides a free practical guide to a scientific methodology that is specific to the unique characteristics of cannabis.  It also builds public awareness of the value of the scientific method in cannabis research. 



Precision Nutraceuticals, Healthy Sleep, 
and Alzheimer’s Disease: Promising Links?

We exhibited and spoke about LifeSense Technologies, LLC research at 
NW Cannabis Classic in Tacoma.



Histograms of Sleep in Human Subjects
EEG (electroencephalograph) data showing unhealthy and healthy sleep.
(orange = difficulty sleeping)


For more about cannabis, healthy sleep, and the connection of healthy sleep to the possibility of slowing the progression of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, visit The CMAP Project HERE



Robert Bornn, President
LifeSense Technologies, LLC
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(206) 463-9283


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