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About LifeSense Technologies, LLC

LifeSense Technologies, LLC is developing its proprietary ENSEMBLE precision™ nutraceutical system (patent pending) and plans to license it for manufacturing, marketing, and sales to domestic and international industry leaders. 

LifeSense Technologies’ is researching the promising links between their ENSEMBLE precision system and healthy sleep. With all the other benefits of healthy sleep comes the possibility of slowing the progression of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.

We are a seed stage, privately held, Washington limited liability company, founded and funded by Robert Bornn and Laura Worth in 2011, to develop and commercialize their technology. For further information about ENSEMBLE, please contact us.

LifeSense Technologies, LLC is also the founding sponsor of the CMAP Project, which was developed by CMAP founders, Robert Bornn and Laura Worth to promote better cannabis science and education.  CMAP makes a guide to the unique specifics of cannabis research available for free to the public, scientists, and the media in The CMAP Guide to Cannabis Research in Human Subjects.  CMAP complements the ENSEMBLE system by supporting advanced cannabis research and education. 

CMAP is now also co-sponsoring ENSEMBLE precision research by LST in its launch of the CMAP program to sponsor selected research.  Individuals and organizations can now apply to support this research by LST at the CMAP sponsor page.



Robert Bornn, founder and principal inventor, serves as the managing member and President of LifeSense Technologies, LLC.  As an innovative  psychophysiologist and seasoned health care products inventor, he leads the company team in the development of his proprietary technology.  Mr. Bornn is the principal inventor of the ENSEMBLE system.  He assembled the company's management, R&D, and legal team to further develop the ENSEMBLE system and the company's intellectual property. 

Laura Worth, MSW, co-founder and co-inventor, serves as Vice President of the company.  She is a 3 decade+ veteran of business ventures, as a co-founding Vice President of five health care products companies.  She manages administrative functions, accounting, legal, marketing, product usability, and testing protocols for the company. 


Robert Bornn, President
LifeSense Technologies, LLC
PO Box 2443
Vashon,  WA  98070

(206) 463-9283


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Under U.S. federal law, use or  possession of cannabis and preparations from cannabis are illegal unless under an approved exemption by the Food and Drug Administration.  Cannabis is still a Schedule I controlled substance under U.S. federal law.

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